Video: Charlottesville (VA) Enforcer Pumper

The Charlottesville (VA) Fire Department’s pumper came from Pierce’s stock program and was tailored to best fit the needs of the department and community. By customizing the front bumper to match previous rigs, there is enough storage to carry 200’ of 1 ¾” preconnect. The Enforcer cab has a David Clark intercom system and adjustable seating to accommodate various riding positions. The body of the pumper features a 20-gallon foam cell with a connection outlet located on the passenger side.


  • 70” Enforcer™ cab with 10” raised roof
  • Seating capacity: 4
  • Overall height: 9’ 6”
  • Overall length: 31’ 3.25”
  • GVW rating: 42,000 lb
  • Front axle: Dana D-2000F, 18,000 lb
  • Rear axle: Meritor RS23-186, 24,000 lb
  • Engine: Cummins L9, 450 hp, 1,250 torque
  • Electrical: Hard Wired

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  • Material: Aluminum
  • Shelving: Adjustable, up to 500 lb
  • Doors: Gortite roll-up
  • Pump: Waterous, 1,500 gpm
  • Tank: 750 gallons

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