Pierce Delivery Walk-Around Video: Boulder Creek, CA

Battalion Chief Chuck Wise is walking around Boulder Creek Fire District’s Enforcer Pumper. Because of where the department is in the mountains, the department needed a short wheelbase (162.50”) and a shortened bumper for smaller approach and departure angles. Another important aspect was keeping the overall height down. To achieve this, there is a recessed ladder rack into the body, saving space on top of the apparatus.

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A clean cab concept was initiated, including SCBA and turnout gear storage compartments outside of the cab. To be ergonomically safe, the crosslays and the hosebed on the rear of the rig are low, providing a safe dismount for firefighters. A toolboard is located inside a compartment on the passenger side to maximize storage on both sides of the board and the back wall.

  • CHASSIS: Enforcer™
  • BODY: Pumper
  • ENGINE: 450-hp Cummins L9
  • FRONT SUSPENSION: TAK-4® Independent Front Suspension
  • ELECTRICAL SYSTEM: Command Zone™
  • FOAM SYSTEM: Husky™ 3
  • PUMP: Waterous 1,500-gpm Midship
  • TANK SIZE: 600 gallons

For more information, visit https://www.piercemfg.com/customers/new-deliveries/boulder-creek-fire-district-pumper-33987.

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