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A firefighter in turnout gear stands on a latter.

FDIC International 2021: Monday

Here's what happened at FDIC on Monday.

Videos & Photos: FDIC International 2021

Videos and photos from FDIC International 2021.

FDIC International 2021: Saturday

FDIC International 2021 is underway in Indianapolis, IN!

Video: UC Davis (CA) Fire Department Apparatus Battles Wildfire

The video, shot from inside the cab of Brush 34 at the Tamarack Fire, shows flames and sparks engulfing the apparatus.

Unboxing with Fire Apparatus & Emergency Equipment: Kuriyama Fire Products’ Viper Blue Devil Nozzle

Join Fire Apparatus & Emergency Equipment Senior Editor Ed Ballam as he unboxes Kuriyama Fire Products' new Viper Blue Devil nozzle.

New FDNY Super Pumper 1

Video and stills of the new FDNY Super Pumper 1 fire engine.

Training for Using the Clean Cab

"These are the engines we've got so we need to do our best with them."

Listen: Train Horns on FDNY Engine

Skyler Fire shows the new FDNY Engine 257 responding to a call with train horns.

Pennsylvania Tanker Collides with Tractor-Trailer

A Pennsylvania firefighter was injured when the tanker he was driving collided with a tractor-trailer.

LAFD Uses Robotic Vehicle at Commercial Structure Fire

A robot is used at a large commercial structure fire in South L.A.

Fire Apparatus