Marion County (FL) Fire Rescue Aerial Walk-Around

This E-ONE HP 78 aerial is Marion County (FL) Fire Rescue’s newest ladder truck. Ladder 2 serves the Belleview area along with Engine 18 and two rescues. One upgrade is the hose reel on the front bumper which offers quick deployment at major vehicle accidents. The county’s penny sales tax helped fund this truck.

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  • Truck Type: Aerials
  • Fire Department Name: Marion County (FL) Fire Rescue
  • Location: Ocala, FL
  • Dealer Name: E-ONE Direct
  • Body: Extruded aluminum
  • Chassis: Typhoon X Medium Cab with 58″ CA
  • Axle: Single
  • Engine: Cummins L9 450-hp
  • Tank: 500-gallon “T” water tank
  • Ladder: 78′ ToughTruss Extruded Aluminum Ladder
  • Pump: Hale Qmax 1,500-gpm

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