Celina (OH) Pierce Enforcer Video Walk-Around

Firefighter Russell Moorman gives you a tour of the Celina (OH) Fire Department’s Enforcer™ Pumper. The PUC™ Pump configuration allows the department to maximize storage space and reduce the length of the apparatus.

This truck features seating for five and full-depth body compartments. In the cab, additional storage was added above the seats and EMS cabinets. The body was configured with shelves, slide-out trays, swing-out toolboards, and a two-drawer cabinet. An oil dry hopper is located in a hatch compartment and discharges through the compartment floor below it for ease of use on the scene. The warm water rinse system allows for decontamination on scene before heading back to the station. For training and review purposes there is a three camera Rosco vision system to record fire scenes and responses.

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  • Chassis: 70” Enforcer cab with 10” raised roof
  • Seating capacity: 5
  • Overall height: 10’8”
  • Overall length: 33’8”
  • GVW rating: 50,500 lb
  • Front axle: TAK-4® Independent Front Suspension, 19,500 lb
  • Rear axle: Meritor RS30-185, 31,000 lb
  • Engine: Cummins L9, 450 hp, 1250 torque
  • Safety: Side roll and frontal impact protection
  • Electrical: Command Zone Advanced Electronics System


  • Material: Aluminum
  • Shelving: Adjustable, up to 500 lb
  • Doors: AMDOR Rollup
  • Tank: 1,000 gallons
  • Pump: Pierce PUC, 1,500 gpm
  • Pumping Mode: Basic Pump and Roll & Stationary
  • Discharges: 10 total located around the vehicle
  • Foam system: Husky™ 12
  • Foam cell: 30 gallons

For more information, visit www.piercemfg.com.

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