Bellmead (TX) Fire Department Takes Delivery of Pierce Enforcer Pumper

The Bellmead (TX) Fire Department found a stock unit through the Pierce stock program and added some customized features to fit its specific needs. This cut total delivery time by months, without compromising on quality and customization.

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  • Pierce Enforcer 70″ cab, 10″ raised roof
  • Cummins L9 450-hp engine
  • TAK-4 independent front suspension
  • Six-man cab with red interior
  • 1,000-gallon water tank
  • Pierce PUC 1,500-gpm pump
  • Husky 3 foam system
  • 30-gallon foam cell
  • Custom compartmentation

Bellmead FD is also served by a new Pierce Ascendant 100′ midmount aerial tower.

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