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The Station Press Release

Rincon Valley (AZ) Fire District Installs State-of-the-Art Station Alerting System

To keep up with its increasing call volume, the Rincon Valley Fire District has installed a brand-new Phoenix G2 Station Alerting System.

Wall-Mounted Red Rack by Ready Rack

Designed for maximum air circulation, Red Racks help PPE and gear dry faster and last longer.

Coxreels® Hi-Vis Hose

With the addition of high-visibility hose to your hose reel, awareness and visibility are increased to create the safest environment possible.

All-Purpose Cleanser/Degreaser for Fire Stations and Equipment

It can clean tough grease, grime, soil, and hydrocarbons and yet is still safe for use on sensitive surfaces such as painted metals, diamond plate, and chrome.

G2 Message Sign

The sign can be configured to display dispatch information, turnout timer, or unit status (with a capable CAD system).

Coxreels® Brawny Option for the 100 Series Reels

The 100 Series reel can be mounted to a floor, wall, ceiling, bench, or truck and is made of steel for strength and durability with a U-shaped frame for 2-point axle support to provide stability during operation.

Coxreels® PC10 Series Power Cord Reel Joins UL-Approved Product Line

The approval signifies that most of its power cord reels meet or exceed the minimum requirements for the prescribed product safety standards as determined by Underwriters Laboratories (UL).

Coxreels® Offers Custom Products for Any Application

Coxreels custom built products offer a complete solution for hose, cord, and cable reel needs.

ATX Station Controller by USDD

During a dispatch alert, the G2 ATX Station Controller processes the alert at the fire station and then returns an “acknowledgment” back to the G2 Communications Gateway located at the dispatch center.
Coxreels Stainless Steel

Coxreels Offers a Variety of Stainless Steel Choices

Coxreels is pleased to offer various stainless steel grade choices to our customers, ideally servicing exact specification needs.

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