Tuscaloosa (AL) Fire Rescue Offers Close-Up Look at Its Special Trucks

Station 2 and Station 12 each house some of the department's most unique and largest trucks.

According to a report from The Tuscaloosa News, Tuscaloosa (AL) Fire Rescue’s (TFR’s) Station 2 and Station 12 each house some of the TFR’s most unique and largest trucks that provide special rescue and firefighting capabilities. 

Station 2, located on Paul W. Bryant Drive, has housed the department’s first and only tiller truck, a type of tractor-drawn aerial apparatus, since 2017.

The TFR’s Truck 32 was purchased for $1 million and was dedicated in memory of former TFR Chief Bob Delbridge. The truck is 58 feet long and uses two drivers to operate the front (the tractor driver) and the rear (the tiller operator). It is equipped with a 107-foot steel-frame ladder and other rescue tools and equipment, such as road rescue and extrication equipment as well as ground ladders.

TFR Lieutenant Glen Hansford said the truck’s unique design makes it “highly maneuverable,” which is “paramount,” since Station 2’s primary response area is comprised of newly constructed neighborhoods, narrow streets, and other features that could pose navigation issues for other ladder trucks. 

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