REV Group Fire Division Partners with HAAS Alert

OCALA, FL—REV Group, a manufacturer of specialty vehicle brands, has entered into a multiyear partnership with HAAS Alert Safety Cloud service on E-ONE, Ferrara, and KME fire apparatus.

E-ONE, Ferrara, and KME fire apparatus with AXIS™ Smart Truck Technology will also be equipped with the HAAS Safety Cloud to allow first responders to broadcast their route to nearby motorists via smartphone apps when emergency vehicles are nearby. By delivering real-time alerts to drivers and connected cars, the HAAS Alert Responder-to-Vehicle (R2V) service can aid in preventing collisions and enabling safer and faster emergency response. The new service will give firefighters another tool in protecting their crews and the public.

“HAAS Alert’s Safety Cloud service aligns perfectly with our commitment to fleet and crew safety,” said Jay Johnson, vice president of product management, marketing, and aftermarket at REV Group’s Fire Division. “Fire Departments are always looking for ways to make their communities safer, and they turn to E-ONE, Ferrara, and KME to help make that happen.”

Cory Hohs, CEO of HAAS Alert, commented, “HAAS Alert is proud to provide safety-focused technology to the First Responder market through our R2V Safety Cloud service. This partnership with REV Group’s fire division will make these innovations more accessible than ever, allowing more fire departments to introduce R2V real-time alerts into their communities.”

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