Apparatus Spotlight: The Hattiesburg (MS) Fire Department’s Pierce Enforcer™ Pumper

Battalion Chief Robert Stephens walks us around the department’s new Enforcer™ pumper.

Hattiesburg (MS) Fire Department Battalion Chief Robert Stephens walks around the Hattiesburg Fire Department’s Enforcer™ Pumper.

This apparatus is dedicated to the University of Southern Mississippi, with a unique color scheme and university mascot graphics.

A top-mount pump panel allows the operator to see around the truck and increases within high traffic areas. Responding to high rise and interstate calls, having a variety of storage compartmentation will allow the department to store all equipment needed for emergencies.

CHASSIS Chassis:

  • 60” Enforcer with 10” raised roof
  • Seating capacity: 4
  • Overall height: 9’ 4”
  • Overall length: 32’ 2”
  • GVW Rating: 42,000 lbs.
  • Front axle: Dana D-2000F, 18,000 lb
  • Rear axle: Dana S23-170, 24,000 lb
  • Engine: Cummins L9, 380 hp, 1150 lb-ft
  • Electrical: Hard Wired
  • BODY Material: Aluminum
  • Shelving: Adjustable up to 500 lb
  • Doors: Amdor roll-up
  • Pump: Waterous, 1,250 gpm
  • Tank: 500 gallons

Job Number: 35173

Dealership: Emergency Equipment Professionals

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