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Washington City (UT) Approves Emergency Purchase of $620,000 Fire Engine

Washington City, UT, has an immediate need for a new fire engine and city councilors voted to spend $620,000 for the new pumper.

Pittsboro (NC) Volunteers Get Green Light for $1.4M Quint

Pittsboro, NC, board of commissioners gave firefighters approval to take out a loan for a $1.4M aerial at a recent meeting.

Sutphen Enters the Tractor Drawn Aerial Market

The Sutphen Corporation has expanded it apparatus offerings to include tractor drawn aerials. The first will roll off the line this fall.

Jamaica Fire Brigade to Spend $1.9B on New Pumpers

Jamaica Fire Brigade is slated to receive up to 30 new pumpers, worth $1.9 billion in the next year.

Hardin (TX) Gets Its First Aerial in History

Hardin, TX, Fire and Rescue has placed its first aerial in service, a 1995 Pierce with a 65-foot ladder.

Wesley Chapel (FL) Puts New Aerial in Service

Wesley Chapel, FL, which is part of the Pasco Fire Rescue coverage area, has just received a new $1M aerial.

CA Firefighters Hurt When Two Apparatus Crash

Two firefighters in Daly City, CA, were badly hurt when two fire apparatus collided at an intersection.

IL Fire Dept. Orders $1.2M Quint

Geneva, IL, firefighters are expecting to receive a $1.2 million quint by mid 2022.

Newburyport (MA) Fire Department Seeks to Restore 1938 Pumper

Members hope its 1938 Maxim pumper will be fully refurbished by the end of the year.

Wheeling (WV) Puts New 100-Foot Sutphen Aerial into Service

The new 47-foot-long midmount aerial platform will replace a unit that is nearly half a century old.

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