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Gainesville (FL) Fire Rescue Welcomes New ALS Truck with Push-In Ceremony

Built by E-ONE in Ocala, Florida, the engine holds 500 gallons of water and features a 100-foot ladder.

Rusted Frame on Vermont Aerial Needs Expensive Repairs

A rusted frame on a South Burlington (VT) Fire Department aerial will require $152,000 in repairs to keep it on the road.

Atlanta (GA) Seeks to Spend $7M for New Aerials

After several trucks have suffered mechanical problems, Atlanta is seeking to purchase $7m in new apparatus.

Coral Gables, FL, Puts New Quint in Service

A new quint has been put in service with Coral Gables, FL, Fire Rescue.

Valparaiso (IN) Donates Fire Truck to Gary (IN)

Valparaiso, IN, has donated a 1996 fire engine to nearby Gary, IN, to help the city ease some equipment needs.

SD Fire Truck Destroyed in Brush Fire

A brush fire destroyed a fire truck in the Williston, SD, Rural Fire Department fleet.

Claysburg (PA) Fundraises $260K Toward New Fire Truck

Volunteers in Claysburg, PA, have raise $260,000 toward the purchase of a new fire truck through fundraising and donations.

Orange Beach (AL) Adds New Engine to Fleet

Orange Beach, AL, has purchased a new engine to be stationed on Ono Island.
3,000-gallon tankers for nursing or shuttling water

Building A Tanker For Your Water Shuttle

Rural fire departments depend on tankers for water supply for fire suppression. Bill Adkins discusses the choices firefighters face when selecting apparatus to move water.

Dearborn Heights (MI) Approves $650K for New Fire Engine

Dearborn Heights, MI, has appropriated over $650,000 for a new engine to replace a worn out apparatus.

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