Work Approved for Grand Traverse Metro Fire Department (MI) Fire Station

East Bay trustees have approved work that is needed for two Traverse Metro fire stations, reports Traverse City Record Eagle.

Station 11 will be remodeled and Station 9 will replace the floor drains. For Station 11, the project will cost roughly $625,000 to rebuild a floor with in-floor heating, build four dormitories and add a new workout space. Firefighters currently sleep in converted offices and exercise equipment shares space with office furniture. The fire station is 43 years old and is the department’s second oldest.

Station 9 has failing drains that freeze. The department is looking for $75,000 to replace them, about $14,000 more than a previous bid for the work.

The trustees plan to pay half for the work now and finance the rest. Some trustees questioned why these stations are priorities when other stations need work, new fire trucks are needed and the department struggles to recruit and keep firefighters.

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