West Chester Township (OH) Fire Station 73 Project Receives Extra $300k

The total cost of the project including all the variables is $4.3 million—1.3% over budget.
Video via westchesteroh.org

Myriad issues have caused delays on construction of the new West Chester Township (OH) Fire Station 73 on Duff Drive, causing around $300,000 in extra costs, reports journal-news.com. However, officials maintain the project was a success financially.

Trustees recently approved $294,600 to cover additional work and $17,841 to fix the asphalt at the temporary station damaged by apparatus, the report says.

Crews moved into the facility on September 18, but the township officially opened it last week. The total cost of the project, including all the variables, is $4.3 million—1.3% over budget.

The township considered renovating the 50-year-old station, but the construction-only cost estimate was $3.6 million compared to $3.5 million to tear down the station and erect a new one, the report says.

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