Washington Park (IL) Fire Department HQ Burn

Washington Park officials are asking political figures for assistance.

Video via fox2now

The Washington Park (IL) Fire Department—as well as residents, city officials, and other public departments—is trying to pick up the pieces after a massive fire Tuesday destroyed part of its headquarters in a municipal building, reports fox2now.com.

Flames engulfed the multi-complex building—which houses the city’s fire, police, and public works departments—in the afternoon. Fire officials say 15 people escaped without any injuries, but much of the fire department’s equipment is ruined.

Fire officials say apparatus and personnel will relocate to another building, and the city will still provide essential services to all residents. A Camp Jackson fire official says the department will provide mutual aid, alongside other agencies in the area.

Washington Park officials are asking political figures for assistance; the cause of the fire remains under investigation.

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