Warwick (RI) Committee to Donate in Support of Fire Station Upkeep

The $480 individual donations will help purchase six triple-pane windows to make the building more energy efficient.

According to a report from The Greenfield Recorder, Warwick, Rhode Island, Buildings and Energy Committee members will donate around $480 each to help purchase six triple-pane windows for the town’s fire station to make the building more energy efficient.

The station, located off Orange Road (Route 78), has undergone several renovations over the past few years. The project was originally headed up by the Warwick Firemen’s Association (WFA), an independent town entity, until Warwick took ownership of the building at the WFA’s request through a recent Annual Town Meeting vote.

New metal roofing was installed this past Labor Day weekend, and some exterior doors were installed during the fall. According to Buildings and Energy Committee members Steve and Janice Kurkoski, the triple-pane windows are approximately $80 apiece, totaling around $480 for six windows.

Steve Kurkoski said upgrading from double- to triple-pane windows will improve the building’s R-value (an insulating material’s resistance to heat loss) insulation ratings by about 18 percent. The town aims to develop as close to a net-zero-energy fire station through this purchase and further insulating efforts during the ongoing construction process.

The new fire station was built in 2016, providing a larger space than the old station on Hastings Pond Road, which was constructed in 1952. Since then, the WFA has looked at building an addition, which will house a fully accessible bathroom, communications room, new office, and training room.

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