Voters To Consider Debt Exclusion for Maynard (MA) Fire Station

Voters will consider a $16 million debt exclusion to fund construction of a new fire station, reports The MetroWest Daily News.

Two and half years ago, voters approved the purchase of land for the fire station. The process of replacing the fire station began in 2007 when a report recommended replacing the existing fire station with a failing boiler, asbestos and lead paint were present in the building and the electrical system was outdated. The boiler was replaced three years later but started to fail again.

There was some consideration to renovate the existing fire station. That is no longer an option due to changes in building code that comply with the American Disabilities Act and the need to make the building earthquake-proof and compliant with Massachusetts energy codes. The estimated cost to renovate and add onto the building was about $20 million. 

If approved, the new fire station will be 19,000 square feet and not have many frills. The fire station will have room for training and six bedrooms, because firefighters work 24-hour shifts, and an office that can be converted into another bedroom or living space, should the need arise. The bedrooms and administrative office are smaller than in the current station.

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