FireRescue GPO Contract Means Fewer Headaches for US Digital Designs’ Fire Station Alerting Customers

PHOENIX, AZ—U.S.-based fire agencies seeking to streamline the purchasing process for a fire station alerting system are in luck, thanks to US Digital Designs’ (USDD) Master Price Agreement available through the FireRescue Group Purchasing Organization. Among numerous other benefits, the FireRescue GPO contract promises to have a pronounced time- and effort-saving effect on the procurement process used by fire agencies as they procure USDD’s flagship product, its “Phoenix G2 Fire Station Alerting System.”

USDD’s Vice President Dominic Magnoni said that the purchasing contract would eliminate the need for them to complete their own formal RFP process. “We couldn’t be more excited about this since many of the fire agencies that we’re talking with right now are already FireRescue GPO members, which means their process to purchase a Phoenix G2 system will be markedly expedited,” Magnoni said.

USDD’s agreement with FireRescue GPO came following a rigorous vetting process of USDD by the third-party lead public agency, Public Procurement Authority. “The bottom line is that that fire agencies will be assured that they’re getting the best station alerting products on the market at the most competitive pricing,” added Magnoni.

Because the FireRescue GPO is a nationwide program that represents its member government agencies, USDD will now be prominently included on a list of preferred vendors available through the FireRescue GPO, a program of NPPGov,” said Vice President Crosby Grindle, NPPGov. “The advantages of the agreement will accrue to USDD’s prospective customers in all 50 states.”

USDD and FireRescue GPO encourage prospective fire station alerting customers to review their local and state procurement requirements to ensure that participation in the FireRescue GPO program satisfies their purchasing requirements.

About US Digital Designs
US Digital Designs is a product engineering and consulting company specializing in designing, developing and installing high-quality and high-reliability mission-critical systems related to fire station alerting, robotics and more. Based in the Phoenix, Arizona metro area, the company prides itself on its reputation for developing the outstanding Phoenix G2 Station Alerting System, which plays a major role in helping save lives and reducing property losses in emergency situations. Download USDD’s product catalog at

About FireRescue GPO
The FireRescue Group Purchasing Organization is a program of NPPGov, a national cooperative purchasing organization, serving government and non-profit organizations. Members have access to publicly solicited contracts specific to their industry, saving time and money in the procurement process. Membership is free and there are no purchasing obligations.

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