Tupelo (MS) Officials Vote to Advance Plans on New Fire Station, Relocate Old One

The new Fire Station No. 2 will be built in the Gravlee neighborhood area.

According to a report from The Daily Journal, Tupelo, Mississippi, officials voted unanimously to advance with plans to relocate the city’s oldest fire station by building a new station on the corner of Blair Street and Clayton Avenue in the Gravlee neighborhood area

The Tupelo City Council awarded approximately $1.8 million to Hooker Construction in Thaxton to construct the new station.

Rud Robison, principal architect for PryroMorrow, said that all submitted bids initially came in slightly over but within 10 percent of budget, so so he and the city were able to negotiate with the construction company to lower the bids.

Robison said construction for the new Fire Station No. 2 is scheduled to begin in early March or early April. The construction company has 300 calendar days to complete the project, excepting weather delays. The project will be funded through part of a $10 million package of bonded debt the city agreed to accept in early 2020.

Fire Station No. 2, built in the 1950s, is the city’s oldest fire station. It is located on West Main Street near Bishop’s BBQ and Danver’s, one of Tupelo’s busiest daytime areas.

Tupelo Fire Department Chief Thomas Walker said that the current station has become increasingly difficult for members to enter and exit during emergencies because of local traffic congestion.

Walker and city officials have consulted with neighborhood residents to gauge ay opposition on the station’s construction. City officials reported that few had concerns about the building.

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