TenCate Protective Fabrics Announces Innovation in Stationwear Selection and Purchasing


Atlanta, GA—TenCate Protective Fabrics is debuting a new Website that will make choosing the right firefighter stationwear a simple task just in time for FDIC International 2017. Stationwear.com will allow each consumer to select a variety of options based on what is most important to them—comfort, casual/formal appearance, durability, performance, and style of clothing. 

All garments showcased on the site are inherently flame-resistant. The flame resistance can’t be washed out or worn away because it is built into the fabric. 

“At TenCate, we have always put the safety of firefighters first, and that means protecting them from the skin out,” said Luke Blakey, TenCate’s Senior Director of Sales and Marketing. “This new Website gives them easy access to protection without having to sacrifice comfort or style.”

The Stationwear Selector Tool, a feature of the new site, will lead fire chiefs or station decision-makers through a series of questions to assist in locating the choices that best fit their needs out of the more than 100 different garment options available. Designs from CrewBoss, Workrite FR and DFND are featured.

Firefighters have peace of mind knowing that they are protected by well-known fire resistant fabrics such as Tecasafe STATIONWEAR and TechT4 base layer. COOLDERM Technology is engineered into the fabric and offers active moisture wicking and an evaporative cooling effect, all important for the active lives firefighters lead.

“Firefighters don’t have to worry that their ‘casual blues’ will fade over time,” continued Blakey. “Many products offered through Stationwear.com feature color fast TRUECOLOR Technology allowing the garments to retain a like-new appearance wash after wash.”

Stationwear.com will be live on April 27, 2017. To learn more, visit the Website or stop by the TenCate Protective Fabrics booth #2023 at FDIC.

TenCate Protective Fabrics creates and manufactures inherently flame-resistant textiles for firefighters, utility linemen and electricians, oil and gas workers, military and security; just about anyone who needs protection from fire and thermal events.

In a sometimes-dangerous world, people have trusted these made in America fabrics for more than 90 years. This is why TenCate produces more inherently flame-resistant fabric than anyone else in the world and why more workers who wear PPE, trust TenCate to protect them so they can get to the things that matter most.

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