Video: How Automated Dispatching Works

US Digital Designs, is often asked how automated dispatching works. And, thanks to one of its longtime station alerting customers, you can get a quick answer in this video produced by the Scottsdale (AZ) Fire Department.

In it, watch Scottsdale’s first responders in action—starting with a 911 call and leading up to the saving of victims (even four-legged ones).

Here’s a brief overview of how automated dispatching works:

  • A 911 call is dispatched from the Phoenix (AZ) Regional Dispatch Center, and is automatically sent to one or more units within milliseconds.
  • Throughout the Phoenix metropolitan area, fire departments have an “automatic aid agreement” so that the closest units are sent to the call.
  • Depending on the 911 caller’s need, a combination of units are dispatched.
  • Those automated station alerts appear in a variety of areas within each station—using both audio and visual means. At 0:15 in the video, the G2 Message Signs can be configured to display dispatch information, turnout timer, or unit status (with a capable CAD system). Message Signs are usually mounted above doorways, in hallways, kitchens, offices, and apparatus bays.

On average, it takes the Scottsdale Fire Department about 5.5 minutes from the time a unit is dispatched until the apparatus arrives on the scene.

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