Rigs Parade to New Frankford Township (NJ) Fire Station


By Fire Apparatus & Emergency Equipment Staff

Photo courtesy of the Frankford Township (NJ) Fire Department.

The Frankford Township (NJ) Fire Department recently moved its fire apparatus from its 70-year-old fire station to a new firehouse featuring four full bays and a fifth two vehicles deep. The surrounding walls feature locker space for firefighters to store their PPE, and there are rooms for meetings and offices, a small kitchen, and equipment storage space.

The fire department had grown out of its previous station, which was purchased in 1948. Over the years it added a second floor to the old structure.

As early as 2004, the Frankford FD began preparing to build a larger facility, which included fundraising, purchasing land for the new station, and designing the new station.

Photo courtesy of the Frankford Township (NJ) Fire Department.

The new station houses two engines, a tanker, a rescue truck, a brush truck, and trailer that includes ATVs used by the department for search and rescue in state and federal parks.

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