Ready Rack: Making Decon Simple

Groves Ready Rack logo

Decontaminating your gear from dangerous carcinogens associated with structural firefighting is crucial to firefighter health. That’s why Ready Rack has assembled products from the company’s Health & Wellness line into four complete decon packages.

With regular exposure to toxins and an increase in cancer rates among firefighters, departments search for the best ways to reduce their risk. To help, Ready Rack worked with Responder Wipes and CitroSqueeze® to develop packages that would make it easier than ever for departments to adopt a decontamination routine.

Accessibility to products that can help reduce the risk of cancer is essential for improving the health and wellness of firefighters. With the new packages in collaboration with Responder Wipes and CitroSqueeze®, fire departments that need access to decontamination products now have a one-stop shop to get decon done right! Ready Rack assembled four packages that feature its latest PPE cleaning products; making it easier to start washing PPE to NFPA 1851 recommendations. Follow the links below to learn more about each package.

Ready Rack by Groves Incorporated is proud to serve the heroes of the firefighting community and will continue to innovate and add more products to its line. The company works to improve the health and lifestyle of firefighters while keeping them safe to fight another day.

Learn more about the new packages today on packages/ and to better prepare for tomorrow.

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