Check, Maintain, and Document SCBA and PPE

Achieve full NFPA compliance, upkeep of all SCBA and PPE gear, and immediate documentation support doing less work than you are now—all without any major cost, time, expenditure, or disruption.

PSTrax, the cloud-based vehicle and station-check solution that has logged more than 25 million vehicle and station checks in fire stations across the country, announces the rollout of comprehensive SCBA and PPE check systems as part of a one-stop shop integrating all four check areas into one system. These new modules complement the company’s easy-to-deploy and use, affordable system accessible from any Toughbook, tablet, smartphone, desktop, or other Internet-enabled device.

For $5 per cylinder plus pack per year, SCBA checks track the full history of SCBA from purchase to retirement. Log inspections, replacement, and repairs for every pack, cylinder, mask and regulator—including expiration and hydrostatic test date alerts.

For $12 per user per year, PPE Tracking provides a full history of PPE gear from purchase to retirement. PPE Tracking logs inspections, cleanings, repairs and replacement for each set of turnout gear—from helmets to boots—and includes expiration date alerts.

The new modules complement existing vehicle checks (frontline apparatus, reserve apparatus, medic units, support vehicles, ladder/hose/pump testing, associated equipment and inventories) and station checks (supplies, chore schedules, specialty equipment, EMS inventories, facilities maintenance).

Among the proven benefits of PSTrax are:

  • No technology terrors. Give PSTrax the items to include. It will upload, set up, train you to use it (very user-friendly), then update and maintain. (If you want to do some/all of your own uploading of additional items, PSTrax provides total support.).
  • Total tracking. Right down to daily tracking of masks and air bottles, the system makes sure that all needed checks are accounted for, issues alerts when needed, and documents repairs/updates when they’re made.
  • Compliance. The system includes various inspection checklists that conform to relevant NFPA 1911, 1932, 1851, and 1852 guidelines, or use your own.
  • Immediate documentation. Pull up the entire history of an air bottle (and anything else) at the touch of a button. If somebody gets hurt, PSTrax ensures that all pertinent records can be quickly accessed to show the maintenance history of any gear involved, including last inspection. When ambulance-chasing attorneys or department/regulatory personnel make a “surprise” visit, give them what they need right away. There’s no extra work or time-consuming compilation by hand of needed (and potentially incomplete) records.
  • Track unscheduled maintenance. Besides regular checks and preventive maintenance, PSTrax can log an incident (e.g., presence of toxic substance on PPE after a call) and action taken to solve the problem and provide a ready history upon request;
  • Budget 18 months ahead. PSTrax gives you the ability to project end of service life (expiration) dates, and supplies a complete report—vs. the meticulous process of trying to compile all needed information by hand.

Fred Windisch, chief of the Ponderosa (TX) Fire Department, offers an assessment echoed by fire chiefs across the country. “PSTrax allows us to do a fabulous follow-up on every single thing that we do,” he says. “We are true fans—it’s affordable, it’s easy, and I appreciate this company’s support of our fire department.”

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