Orleans (MA) Wants to Form Fire Station Feasibility Study Committee

The town of Orleans (MA) is asking residents to fill seats on its new Fire Station Feasibility Study Committee, reports capecod.com.

The committee will assess potential renovations and additions to the existing station and offer alternatives for a potential new facility, the report says. It will consist of five voting members in addition to the fire chief and building and facilities manager, who will serve as non-voting members.

Duties for the first phase of the project include reviewing information provided by architects hired by Orleans. The committee will also identify alternative sites for meeting safety needs and develop a timeline.

The committee will be tasked with providing monthly updates throughout the first phase, with the project expected to be a multi-year event, according to the report.

Interested parties can submit a Citizen Interest Form to the town administrator; interviews will be held on Dec. 8, 2021.

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