Olathe (KS) Fire Department Set to Open Station 8

Station 8. Photo via www.olatheks.org

The Olathe (KS) Fire Department is set to open its new Station 8 the week of September 6, reports kansascity.com.

To serve southwest Olathe, Station 8 was built with firefighters, equipment, and the surrounding neighborhood in mind. It’s located at 14700 S. Lakeshore Dr., was budgeted at just under $5.5 million, and will be staffed with three firefighters who also serve as EMTs or paramedics.

In addition, the alert system features different volumes and light colors, aimed at reducing physiological stress on the firefighters. In the bunkrooms, firefighters can customize the alerts to what best suits them when awakened to answer a call.

Officials say the station hopes to complement the neighborhood with a residential-looking exterior and roof lines akin those in the area.

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