Ogden City (UT) Fire Department Looking to $2 Million Fire Station Remodel

Ogden City hopes to begin construction on a $2.15 million remodel of its fire station — the last of a handful of city firehouse upgrades first recommended in an audit completed over a decade ago, reports Standard-Examiner.

Ogden City Comptroller Lisa Stout said the Ogden City Council approved more than $1 million for the remodel of Fire Station No. 4 more than a year ago. But the administration is now asking for an additional $1 million to cover higher than anticipated construction costs.

Fire Chief Mike Mathieu said project bids were significantly higher than expected. Mathieu said comparable remodels of fire stations in 2008 and 2013 cost around $1 million. He said city officials expected an increase in costs, but not a million-dollar jump.

When the city solicited bids for the project in 2019, five construction companies responded, Mathieu said, and all five bids were within $300,000 of each other.

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