Officials Visit Site of Future Walton County (FL) Fire Rescue Station

The 10-acre plot of land at 13350 State Road 83 N. will be the site of Glendale's and Gaskin's new fire station.

According to a report from nwfDailyNews, the Walton County (FL) Board of County Commissioners and Sheriff Mike Adkinson met at the 10-acre plot of land at 13350 State Road 83 N. on Wednesday, July 21, to unveil the site of the Walton County Fire Rescue’s (WCFR’s) new Glendale and Gaskin fire station. 

Once completed, the new station will allow the WCFR to staff three members in one engine and increase ambulance services to the rural north side of the county.

Adkinson said the WCFR has been responding to an increasing number of emergency medical calls during the past two years. With the new station, residents of Glendale, Gaskin, and Darlington should experience faster response times and an increased level of service.

Adkinson also said he plans to add more positions for paramedics to assist emergency medical technicians after the station is complete. 

Last month, the WCFR became the first fire rescue organization in the Florida Panhandle to earn an EMS accreditation.

The station is still in its preliminary planning stages and there is a ways to go before construction begins. However, the project will be in the county’s budget for the upcoming fiscal year. 

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