Newkirk (OK) Considers Center for Fire, Police Departments

Officials are considering the possibility of razing and using the space for a new facility housing both the Newkirk Fire Department (NFD) and Police Department (NPD), reports The Newkirk Herald Journal.

One of the reasons cited for the proposal is that NFD is running out of room, as the station is at full capacity for vehicles, which includes fire engines as well as ambulances. That has forced them to leave their tanker truck outside, and during winter months, it must be drained to prevent freeze damage, decreasing their ability to fight rural fires. The tanker truck helps refill fire trucks on rural fires.

They have also run out of space for storing ambulances, as the station was built before they operated EMS services. The NFD recently received a grant for a new ambulance, and where it will be housed is unknown at the moment.

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