New Fire Station to Cut Response Times for Columbus (OH) Residents

The long-awaited Columbus Fire Station opened its doors to serve Columbus residents, reports The Columbus Dispatch.

The firefighters pushed a paramedic vehicle to mark tradition to open the $11.5 million station. Were it not for coronavirus precautions, the city certainly wanted to celebrate the state-of-the-art firehouse in a bigger way. For more than 12 years, the city had talked about building a fire station to serve the burgeoning growth on the city’s eastern edge.

There is a transitional space of five lockers and showers where firefighters and paramedics can take off their smoke-covered gear and take a shower. Firefighters are routinely exposed to chemicals and are at least 14% more likely than the public to develop cancer, The Dispatch reported in “Unmasked,” an award-winning series in 2017.

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