Merrimac (MA) Receives Donated Paint for Fire Station Renovations

Courtesy Fire Department

MERRIMAC – Chief Larry Fisher is pleased to announce that the Merrimac Fire Department received a donation of 100 gallons of paint from Sherwin Williams that will help offset the cost of ongoing station renovations.

The Merrimac Fire Department will use the donation to put a fresh coat of paint on apparatus bays in the fire station. During the pandemic, the Department has undergone numerous renovations completed by members, including installing a bathroom with a shower, bunk rooms and refurbished office spaces. 

These renovations have been timely and cost-effective. Thanks to donations like Sherwin Williams’ and hard work by the members of the department, Merrimac Fire has been able to make these positive changes at little to no cost for residents.

The Merrimac Fire Department would like to thank Sherwin Williams for their generous donation. Without the help of this corporation and the work of Seth Black, Pam Burke and Chris Mann, the current renovations would not have been possible. 

“Thanks to Sherwin Williams, we can now make changes that will greatly benefit the members of our Department and revitalize our station,” Chief Fisher said. “This donation adds to the effort of refurbishing our station effectively and efficiently.”

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