Local Artist’s Work Featured in Scottsdale (AZ) Fire Station

On December 3, 2020, the Scottsdale (AZ) Fire Department’s (SFD’s) Fire Station 603 opened on Indian Bend Road to serve the communities and resorts in the northern area of Indian Bend Wash.

Adorning the interior of the new station are two new pieces of original public artworks: “Rug Runner” and “Wallpaper Tapestry” by Tempe-based artist Christine Lee.

The two-part project was completed in early December. On December 9, it was officially accessioned into the City of Scottsdale Permanent Art Collection. “Rug Runner” is a custom terrazzo floor, while “Wallpaper Tapestry” is a dichroic film window treatment.

SFD Assistant Chief Ryan Freeburg said the department was interested in a public art installation that would welcome the community into the new station.

The new fire station is the second in Scottsdale to receive an artist-designed terrazzo floor. However, “Rug Runner” extends outside the building and features solar-charged luminescent chips that give off a soft glow after dark. Lee designed the custom terrazzo floor in combination with “Wallpaper Tapestry,” which can be found adjacent to the indoor portion of the terrazzo flooring.

Lee thanked the members of Fire Station 603 for the “Hard work and compassion they give to the strangers they encounter every day.”

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