La Verne (CA) to Reopen Fire Station Closed by Staffing Shortage

The city of La Verne has a plan in place to reopen a fire station that has been closed since January 2020, reports Daily Bulletin.

No date has been set for reopening the station, but funding is in place for two new firefighter paramedics, which would increase suppression staff to 11.

A plan has been proposed that would staff a paramedic fire engine company at the station, requiring two more hires. Staffing would then be increased to 15 and 17 personnel in the following years.

The City Council will consider that plan which will entail additional funding. The City Council has voted two months ago to let residents have the final say on a possible contract with Los Angeles County to take over the city’s Fire Department and emergency medical services. That decision wouldn’t take place until June 2022.

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