Home Foreclosure Gives NY Fire Department Training Site Next Door

The house had been abandoned for years, but the Penrhyn Engine & Hose Company in Granville now has full ownership.

According to a report from The Post Star, members of the Penrhyn Engine & Hose Company (PEHC) in Granville, New York, know the importance of being able to train using real-world, real-life situations and obstacles, such as crawling through a smoke-filled house in search of a hidden mannequin.

On Tuesday, March 16, PEHC Chief Austin Perry led a group of new and experienced volunteers in the frigid cold to practice search and rescue in a house next to their station they acquired in a county tax foreclosure auction.

The house had been abandoned for years, but the PEHC now has full ownership, and they plan to repaint it and make structural repairs for repeated training.

The house is in a convenient location for members, and should help with making sure will draw many for training. It should keep his current members interested and, hopefully, attract new members to bolster the ranks.

There are other training sites, but if PEHC members go to one of the more centralized locations, there’s the risk that there will be a fire in Granville while they’re gone. So, having a house next door affords them the opportunity to train more without worrying about fire coverage.

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