Helping to Keep Firefighters Healthy During Cover Assignments

Plymovent recognizes that equipment compatibility should include the vehicle exhaust removal systems being used at fire stations. Fire personnel have shared with us when this has been an issue:

  • A vehicle from a neighboring department or a county unit is filling in for another department.
  • A specialized fire apparatus, such as a hazardous materials vehicle, used on a regional basis, is temporarily stored at different stations for training purposes.

In situations such as cover assignments (NFIRS Code 571), firefighters should expect to gain use of the exhaust removal system that’s installed at the neighboring station.

The challenge occurs when a vehicle that is configured for the Magnetic Grabber® enters a neighboring station that has the Pneumatic Grabber® (compressed air) system installed.

That’s why Plymovent provides the Bayonet Quick Lock. This adapter easily attaches by hand to the vehicle’s Magnetic Grabber tailpipe adapter, making the tailpipe compatible with the Pneumatic Grabber nozzle, as well as other systems that use a similar tailpipe adapter. The Plymovent team will continue to explore other nozzles and adapters as needed.

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