Ready Rack PPE Storage Solutions

Just as important as washing and drying your gear is storing it. Store PPE by hanging in a clean, dry, and well ventilated area that does not expose it to direct sunlight to avoid degradation from ultraviolet (UV) rays. Also, hanging coats and trousers will prevent damage caused by creasing or folding and allows them to air dry if merely damp from routine cleaning.

Ready Rack by Groves offers a line of hangers that do just this and are all made here in the USA. Its Flat Dry Hangers (FDH) accommodate coats and bunker pants and Dry Kwik Coat Hangers (DKH-O & DKH-C) help open shoulders and the front of coats, permitting inside air circulation. Glove/Shell Hangers (GDH) can accommodate one pair of gloves or one hood and Proximity Pant Hangers (PPH-12, PH-12 and PH-19) store pants while conforming to NFPA regulations by hanging them upright and not folding them.

Other items in the line that help with managing and storing gear are Groves Helmet Holders (HH), Bunker Pant Hooks (BPH), Gear Guard Covers (GGR-), and Rack Systems. 

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