Turnout Gear Covers

Made here in the USA, Groves Gear Guard Covers were designed to protect your department’s PPE gear from UV degradation and particulates from diesel exhaust which increases the threat of cancer. They are made of 8 oz. PVC Laminate UV Shield material that is abrasion-/tear-resistant and fluid-proof, stain-resistant, and can easily be cleaned. Other features of the Gear Guard Covers is they have antimicrobial and self-deodorizing fabric with antistatic properties and are flame-retardant. Departments can order these covers for any of the Groves Red Rack units (they may work for other locker systems if similar to Red Rack Lockers) as well as other Ready Rack products like the Work Table, SOS Racks, and Multi-Purpose Storage Systems.

For more information, visit https://www.readyrack.com/product/gear-guard-rack-covers/.

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