Greenfield (MA) Fire Station Expected to Move to Temporary Home by June

The city expects to have a $1.9 million temporary fire station built in a municipal parking lot and ready to be occupied by end of June, reports Greenfield Recorder.

The next step is to put out a request for proposals from manufacturers who will provide the “bunker” that will contain offices and sleeping quarters and two bays that will house vehicles. The city may hire two companies, one for the bunker and the other for the bays.

The goal is to start construction in the spring and finish in early summer.

Drawings should be done within the next two weeks and the city will put out the request for proposals. It will take one to two weeks for the proposals to be reviewed and vetted.

The Fire Department will let architects know what type of specialized wiring and WiFi it will need and how much room it will need for them before a request for proposals is released.

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