Glenview (IL) Residents and Firefighters Express Concerns Over Station Closure

The decision to close Fire Station 13 on 831 E. Lake Avenue has caused consternation among residents and firefighters.

According to a report from CBS2, the decision to close Fire Station 13 on 831 E. Lake Avenue in Glenview, Illinois, has caused apprehension among several residents and firefighters.

Glenview Village President Jim Patterson said response times will not be impacted, but both firefighters and local residents believe differently. They also feel that the village attempted to slip the closure past them behind their back.

Engine 13 was making what could be one of its last responses for the Glenview Fire Department (GFD) Tuesday night. Village trustees voted last month to close the firehouse, which would leave Glenview with four fire stations.

Jesse Gallagher, a GFD firefighter and President of the Glenview Professional Firefighters Association, said that closing the station is a wrong and dangerous move that will impact response times.

Patterson noted that a study found Fire Station 13 and its single engine are active for around a half-hour during any 24-hour shift, one of the slower stations in town. However, that study also found that closing Station 13 comes with a savings of $1.25 million for the village. Patterson said he does not think the savings will be that high. Firefighters who currently reside there will be moved to other stations.

During a virtual meeting on Tuesday night, village trustees faced more backlash on their decision to close Station 13, with one person saying the decision would cost lives.

The upcoming election in Glenview has created calls by some to postpone the decision until the new administration takes over.

Drew Duffy, a Glenbrook South High School sophomore, has organized a rally at Fire Station 13 that will take place this Saturday.

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