Gear Dryer with Touch-Screen Control

Oshkosh, WI—Continental Girbau recently introduced the ExpressDry® Gear Dryer, complete with user-friendly touch-screen control; ambient air flow or ambient air with heated option; up to 24 component ports for drying helmets, gloves, boots, and facemasks; four-, six- and eight-stickmen drying stations; and a removable blower for drying pumper truck ports. NFPA 1851 compliant, ExpressDry Gear Dryers safely dry bunker gear and accessories according to FEMA recommendations.

Constructed for ease of assembly and mobility, all ExpressDry Gear Dryers feature a new, touch-screen control offering four dry time presets, including a continuous drying option, as well as a custom timer for programming custom dry times.

Engineered for drying any and all protective equipment, ExpressWash Gear Dryers are available in three models with up to eight stickmen drying stations and 24 accessory ports for drying helmets, gloves, boots, facemasks and SCBA. A Special Ops ExpressDry Gear Dryer is also available, which features four adjustable and invertible stickmen for drying gear used for hazmat, swift water, ice, and dive operations.

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Options for the Special Ops model includes a boot tree capable of drying up to four pairs of soaked boots per “tree station” in just 60 minutes; an extra-long disinfection sprayer for use in cleaning gear not washed in a mechanical washer; and a rinse station/staging accessory, which secures the stickmen in an upright position for manual cleaning/disinfection using the sprayer.

Easy to operate, ExpressDry Gear Dryers work by using a powerful 110-volt blower system to push ambient air through the garment—from the inside out—at high pressure. This ensures air effectively dries the body of the gear but also areas that are hard to reach—inseam, collar and underarm—while significantly decreasing dry time.

Simple to assemble and relocate, the ExpressDry Gear Dryer rides on roller castors, which slide easily across the floor. Constructed with a highly durable diamond plate deck and featuring steel, powder-coated stickmen, the dryer offers the ultimate in drying and location flexibility.

The Continental ExpressDry Gear Dryer comes standard with four to eight stickmen drying stations, a timer for automatic shut off, durable steel tube and diamond plate deck construction, roller castors for ease of movement, up to 24 utility drying ports, quick-attach removable blower, and a noise-reduction package. Boasting an operational life span of 87,000 hours, the ExpressDry Gear Dryers are NFPA-compliant and backed by a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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