Fire Department Moves to Temporary Quarters at YMCA


The Truro Township (OH) Fire Department is waiting for a new station to be completed for one of its two locations. Firefighters have been working out of one location, sharing living quarters since construction began on the new station.

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Recently, displaced firefighters have been operating out of a YMCA closed because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

A tent was constructed outside to house one fire apparatus and one medic unit.

The YMCA opened in January but closed on March 16. The fire department moved bunks and supplies to the YMCA, and the facility has a full kitchen to allow firefighters to prepare meals.

The new station is scheduled to open this summer, and will be a 16,741-square-foot building with three bays and living quarters for up to 11 firefighters per shift. It will also have a training room and more than 700 square feet of administrative offices.

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