East Jefferson (WA) Fire Rescue Breaks Ground on Station 1-2

East Jefferson (WA) Fire Rescue (EJFR) and the Marrowstone Island Foundation (MIF) have broken ground at Fire Station 1-2’s construction site.

On Thursday, members from EJFR and MIF gathered at the construction site on Flagler Rd to formally begin the improvement project. In addition to the current apparatus bays on-site, there will soon be quarters to house volunteer first responders, the department says on Facebook.

EJFR covers 68 square miles and responds to approximately 4,500 calls for emergency service annually. Three strategically placed fire stations are staffed with firefighters, EMTs, and paramedics 24/7, while three supplementary fire stations serve as additional coverage via volunteer service.

The new volunteer crew quarters will allow EJFR to staff Marrowstone Island’s area during peak hours/days.

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