Dallas Fire-Rescue Department Fire Station 6

The 1.5-acre site provided an opportunity to address the Dallas Fire-Rescue Department’s request to explore alternate apparatus bay configurations. The final layout, selected by the Dallas Fire-Rescue Department and the City of Dallas, provides a direct line of travel from the bunk rooms to the apparatus bay, while providing unique drive-through bay capabilities.

Additional design features include quiet, comfortable living quarters for on-duty firefighters and EMTs and a private courtyard with grilling and dining facilities for use between calls. Living spaces are organized around a private tree-shaded courtyard where fire and rescue workers can work out, grill or relax between calls while still having rapid response access to their vehicles. The fire trucks and ambulance are celebrated, housed in a glass “jewel box” that glows in a display of civic pride.

The facility is Certified LEED Platinum and Net Carbon Neutral, and meets the goals of the City of Dallas for integrated storm-water Management (iSWM) as well as the 2030 Challenge for 100 percent carbon neutrality.

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