Enhancing Fire Station Safety

By Coxreels Staff

Even in this day and age, our fire service men and women still struggle with the issue of preventable firefighter accidents and injuries in the fire station. Fire station apparatus organization and safety is a primary concern in the design of fire service apparatus and equipment.

New safety technologies and advances are available that can significantly reduce the potential for operator injury and accidents related to fire service apparatus and equipment failures or shortcomings. It is important to understand and explore the technologies and innovations available today. We must also consider the best practices that can be implemented to improve firefighter safety, thereby reducing the potential for injury and even death in the workplace.

Coxreels, located in Tempe, Arizona, strives to raise awareness for the need of hose and cord reels in fire stations. The inclusion of Coxreels’ products in fire stations will provide for increased safety and organizational functionality.

Coxreels manufacturers a complete line of products designed specifically for the fire industry. Among these products are electrical cord reels to power fire rescue vehicles. Specifically, fire trucks need to be fully charged in order to operate the lights and sirens on the vehicles. The electrical cord reels can be mounted on the ceiling of the fire house so that they are not a tripping hazard for personnel in the event of an emergency.

Fire stations and apparatus also benefit from the Coxreels’ air hose reels. The primary application for this reel in the fire station is for replenishing the air in the tires for emergency vehicles. If the fire truck tires are underinflated, they can be involved in accidents. The ability to properly fill the truck tires on the fire vehicles will prevent unnecessary accidents and ensure that each fire service man and woman is able to return to his/her family safely at the end of each shift. Coxreels’ spring driven air hose reels are also designed to clean out the inside of the trucks to remove any carcinogens and dirt inside the vehicles. These spring-driven hose reels will undoubtedly be used each in every day in the fire station.

The spring-driven reels can be equipped with the Coxreels EZ-Coil® patented safety system. Engineered and developed exclusively by Coxreels, the EZ-Coil® safety system works unidirectionally without any increase to the amount of resistance when pulling out the hose, cord, or cable. But, when engaged upon recoil, it controls the aggressive spring motor energy resulting in a reel that retracts at a safe and steady pace. The EZ-Coil® safety system ultimately reduces retraction speeds by up to 80 percent, which enhances operator and workplace safety and protects costly equipment, vehicles, and property against potential whip hazards.

Coxreels’ hand crank water hose reel is also a necessity in fire stations. The water hose reels are used to clean out the bay floors in an effort to keep the station floors clean and safe. They are also used to wash fire trucks and equipment on a daily basis.

Overall, Coxreels hose, cord, and cable reels allow for more space and maximum efficiency in the fire station, increasing safety and organization. In the firefighting industry, safety is the utmost concern for the first responders and subsequent community members. When fire stations are equipped with Coxreels products and safety equipment, the essential hose and cable lines in the fire stations are better organized and more efficient, as they are no longer trip hazards. In addition to the added safety components, the reeling devices also extend the life cycle of the hose, cord, and cables. In a business that is inevitably dangerous, Coxreels products should be outfitted in every fire station and apparatus. The added safety, technology, and efficiency make an obvious difference for those men and women working vigorously to protect the safety of families and community members. Firefighters cannot afford to gamble on the safety and reliability of their equipment. Coxreels’ hose, cord, and cable reels eliminate the gamble and provide for a safe environment for our essential first responders—with each and every use.

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