Construction on North Conway (NH) Fire Department Station Ahead of Schedule

The new $6.7 million station is being constructed next to Schouler Park.

According to a report from The Conway Daily Sun, some North Conway, New Hampshire, officials, such as those from the town’s Water Precinct, are receiving tours of the new $6.7 million North Conway Fire Department (NCFD) station being constructed next to Schouler Park.

Crystal Laliberte, executive vice president of REI Service Corp. of Concord and Sugar Hill, said she believes the station’s grand opening will be during the second half of May, with a target date of May 22 for a dedication ceremony, which would be one month sooner than expected.

The COVID-19 pandemic slowed business early last summer, which allowed work to proceed quickly once the former 1962-built brick station was razed on Norcross Circle. In addition, it was noted that the weather had cooperated and had not been as harsh until lately, allowed crews to place the roof on the structure and cover it with plastic to enable interior work to begin.

During construction, the NCFD is storing its vehicles in the equipment garage on Seavey Street.

The mezzanine will have a storage area as well as a training area, including three windows which firefighters will be able to use to practice placing a ladder; there will also be a forcible entry door to learn how to access a door to with force.

Silva said NCFD Chief Pat Preece’s office will be on the northeast corner of the the first floor, along with an office for Assistant Chief Chad McCarthy. It also has a conference room and administrative offices. Upstairs will be a training room, a kitchen, and three dorm rooms with a full bath.

A 48-foot hose tower extends to the basement; a floor drain in the tower’s base will capture water from the hoses. The basement will also have a mechanical room for the boilers and a fitness facility for members.

North Conway Water Precinct voters approved the new NCFD station at their annual precinct meeting in June 2020 by a vote of 45-3. The tax impact is expected to be approximately $53 per $100,000 valuation.

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