Constantine (MI) Fire Department’s Station in Dire Need of Repairs

The station. Photo via Facebook.

Constantine Village (MI) officials recently reviewed a report by structural engineers on damage to the fire station, as requested by department officials, reports

The station, which is 84 years old, has significant vertical cracking on the north and south walls, a corner of an east wall, and significant deterioration of a steel lintels of the four supporting doors firetrucks exit, the report says.

The report recommends providing temporary support of the roof framing and above the lintels at the east wall, replacing steel lintels above overhead doors, repairing masonry, and replacing the roof.

Officials say that the station roof, which is 30-35 years old, leaks extensively and needs to be replaced at upwards of $69,000.

One location for a potential new station would be a D&S grocery/gas station building the village owns, as it boasts more space for training, storage, offices, and possible a community room.

A Fire Authority would need to be formed if the department decides to ask for a fire/public safety millage for funds, the report says.

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