Columbia (MO) Plans for Two Fire Stations

Columbia last built a fire station in 2009, but now plans to add two new fire stations to match a growing population, reports Columbia Daily Tribune.

A local sales tax and increased property taxes have allowed the city to build two new stations. Each station has a total construction budget of $2.5 million. 

Land was acquired by the city recently for about $350,000 with a second location planned in the eastern part of the city.

The new fire stations are expected to enable the four-minute response time preferred by the department. Most stations in Columbia have one fire engine or similar truck. The department has 12 frontline trucks spread out among the stations. This includes regular engines and quints, which can include a ladder, ladder trucks and a rescue squad. There are reserve vehicles, in case any of the 12 frontline vehicles break down.

An added benefit to the new stations will be on insurance rates for property owners. 

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