Brace Yourself: West Perth (Toronto) Firefighter Leaves Mark on New Station

The new sign can be seen on the garage. The signatures are on the other side, though.

Although West Perth (Toronto, Canada) Fire Department (WPFD) firefighter Brad Brace has only been with the department for four years, he has—quite literally—left his mark on West Perth’s new station, reports

Brace owns and operates Mitchell Ironworks, which designed the department logo sign on the new facility; the sign is 8×8 and made of powder coated aluminum and stainless steel. Prior to fixing it to the station on October 2, Brace wrote his name on the back, according to the report.

WPFD used its ladder truck to install the sign with 180 stainless screws, the report says. All firefighters who helped assist in hanging it signed the back as well and dated it.

Brace says he put in about 50 hours of work off and on for a couple of months to create the logo, which was paid for by the West Perth Firefighters Association.

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