Bond Issue Derails Plans for New Mitchellville (IA) Fire Station

The department said it desperately needs a new facility, but town water issues are acting as a roadblock.

According to a report from KCCI, a bond issue that would have brought a new fire department in Mitchellville, Iowa, failed on Tuesday. The Mitchellville Fire Department (MFD) has said it desperately needs a new facility, but town water issues are a matter that is acting as a roadblock to making it happen.

A team of 16 MFD volunteer members met at a building that also doubles as a police department. Plans for a new station have been ongoing for the past two years, so the outcome of Tuesday’s vote was upsetting.

Also, another issue is room for their equipment. Garments they wear to put out fires go home with volunteers and they could be containing toxic chemicals.

Bill Roberts, a city council member and a volunteer MFD firefighter, said the department is trying to reduce the carcinogens for the health and safety of its members as well as for fear of picking up patients because the toxins will be on their gear.

The members are hopeful, however, and said they will continue to advocate for a new facility. The MFD’s chief said they could put this decision back on a special election ballot in six months.

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