Boise (IA) to Replace Downtown Fire Station

The City of Boise is planning to replace its oldest fire station, reports Boise Dev.

The 1950s station serves downtown Boise, logging more calls than any other fire station in Idaho. The project is in preliminary stages of conceptual design. The city plans to tear down the aging station and replace it with a new building and build an affordable housing development.

The expansion would allow the station to have a special room with ventilation to store the equipment firefighters wear on the scene of fires to protect them from carcinogens and a separate room for tools to do building and vehicle repairs.

Officials said firefighters who work in the fire station have a lot of sentimental attachment to the building, but they understand the need for an upgrade. To honor the history of the building, the new design will feature a display outside the building about Boise Fire Department history.

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