Ward Diesel Removes Soot By Filtration System

Ward Diesel Filter Systems introduces product improvements and enhancements using a new high performance substrate with proprietary wash/coat that removes gaseous matter on 2007 model engines and beyond.

NO SMOKE 2007 is an apparatus-mounted, direct source capture system, from Ward Diesel Filter Systems, that works automatically and provides clean air in the fire station, in enclosed structures and at the fire scene for improved health and safety, according to the maker. It also meets and exceeds OSHA, NIOSH and NFPA-mandated standards for firehouse air quality.

The system consists of an electronic control module, a diverter unit and a ceramic diesel particulate filter, which can be, installed on all diesel fire and emergency response vehicles, according to the manufacturer.

As soon as the driver turns on the engine, NO SMOKE’s electronic control module automatically engages the diverter unit, which directs the diesel exhaust from the vehicle’s exhaust system into the NO SMOKE system, where the diesel particulates are trapped in the ceramic filter.

For up to 99 seconds – enough time for the vehicle to exit the bay – only filtered, soot-free exhaust is released into the air, eliminating all risk of diesel soot inhalation and contamination.  NO SMOKE also kicks into action when the driver puts the vehicle in reverse and backs into the bay.

In addition, an optional manual override switch allows the driver to activate the NO SMOKE system as needed, offering added protection during pump checks in the firehouse, emergency room stops, on-scene pump operations, and at community events.

For information call 800-845-4665 or go to www.warddiesel.com.

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